Basic Agent

Next gen phone


Phone Functions: Video call send/receive, call forward, call waiting, call screening .
Text Messenging: Recieve instant text messages instead of voice
S e a r ch Function: Searches the Net for names or sentence strings, then shows files as requested. Base percentage chance of finding a well known fact 35%.
Map Functions: Can call up area maps, plus directions between 2 points.
News download: Automatically downloads top hourly headlines.
Entertainment : Downloads and stores digital video/audio files, including
TV programs, movies, music, games. Can store up to 100 hrs.
Use Local Screens: Automatically slaves visual images to any video screen within 10 0m.
Word Processing: Can be used to write text, including video/audio samples .
Digitial Recorderr: Record and plays digital storage chips for holographic, audio media.
Tracking Device: Can trace a remote “bug” up to 1mile (2km).


Basic Agent

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